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CharterBooking key advantages

For Freight Forwarder
  • The most comprehensive operators database
  • Customized aircraft type selection
  • Cutting transportation costs
  • Fast and transparent quoting process
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For Aircraft Operator
  • Relevant requests only
  • Actual charter request database
  • Easy Charter Request management
  • Operator fleet availability management
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Check Charter Availabilities

These are actual requests for Cargo Charters, are provided by Freight Forwarders and Aircraft Availabilities- aircraft which are ready to fly along the particular route and are waiting for a suitable loading.
「 CharterBooking」 is a unique multifunctional tool for cargo aviation industry members that help companies to improve the business indicators and build direct connections within the market.

CharterBooking - a specialized aviation cargo charter marketplace

Finding relevant air transportation options without wasting time with our solution.

There are plenty of options on how you can find and book air cargo flight charter, but how could you be sure that you get the best value for money?

CharterBooking provides the new level of airplane charter rates selection according to the route, your cargo type, weight, volume, and other peculiarities so you get the cheapest air freight cost is possible.

Why should you use CharterBooking for aviation cargo charter booking?

Wide operators selection are presented

More than 1400 planes and 170 cargo aircraft operators are listed in our base, so you could find an option that precisely corresponds to your shipment- from Piper Navajo to Antonov charter.

Relevant charter quotes only

CharterBooking analyzes aircraft based on their base airports, current availability, chooses appropriate aircraft types based on the payload and volume capacity is needed, so only the most relevant charter cost offers will be transferred to Freight Forwarder.

CharterBooking is an independent air cargo charter marketplace

We do not promote particular operators’ offers- the algorithm uses just objective metrics for charter quotes ranking and offering to a Freight Forwarder.

Why cargo aircraft operators use CharterBooking ?

Relevant charter requests

Operators receive only actual inquiries according to the regions of operations, aircraft types, and models presented in the fleet. This helps to avoid wasting time and allows airlines to focus on the "proper" requests.

Existing charter requests base

During charter request making, Freight Forwarder could choose the option to post its request on the Charter Requests board. So Operators are able to get informed about them through email subscription or just check the list in Operator Space.

Flexible aircraft availability tuning

On Operator Space, airlines’ representatives are able to add or remove cargo aircraft to/from indexing, for example- for the maintenance period, edit aircraft data to allow to the system to consider the details more precisely, add aircraft certificates, insurances and other documents and manage them.

Open aircraft and operators database

CharterBooking comprises cargo planes listing and aircraft operators details so you can check all related information about operators which sent you a quote and their fleet or just make research which operators operate in your regions and what air transportation abilities they have.

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