CharterBooking platform is the result of a combination of experience and efforts of cargo charter management professionals from Albion Aviation Group and specialists in aviation business automation with more than 10 years of background - Awery FZE, which acts as a technical solution provider.
icon.svgWho are we?
Team of specialists experienced in aviation brokerage and IT professionals eager to aviation cargo business digitalization.
In our ever-changing world it is impossible for companies to avoid unpredictable obstacles and pitfalls. These moments it is becoming vital to be sure that critical important equipment or other types of cargo will be delivered in time and will cover all your bases. We are working every day on making CharterBooking your business reliable partner and assistant.

what-are-we-striving-for.svgWhat are we striving for?
Using cutting edge technologies for aviation and logistics processes transformation.

how-do-we-works.svgHow do we work?
The approach is based on our core values
• Reliability. Being a reliable partner for CharterBooking users is our main goal. We provide 24x7 support, personal managers, use the most secure hosting services and double-check all new features to make sure that CharterBooking will serve your business in the best way
• Inventiveness. We create new algorithms, make new features and rethink established methods for making CharterBooking more helpful for you
• Flexibility. The world economic and business environment is changing permanently and we do our best to move with the times.
We know that all our customers are unique and that’s why we offer plenty of integration and customization functionality to make the data updating process smooth and convenient for you.
Our team uses Scrum methodology to improve CharterBooking and to make these improvements in time.

where-we-are.svgWhere we are?
Our offices are located in Sharjah (UAE) and Kyiv (Ukraine).

Meet the team

Vitaly Smilianets
Maryna Zabutna
Project and customers
support management
Denys Ivanenko
Product and marketing
Yurii Bykov
Front-end development
Mykhailo Pokutnii
UI, UX, Senior web design

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