CharterBooking for Freight Forwarder

Getting a highly customized charter offer and reduce expenses
More than 1400 aircraft and 170 operators in CharterBooking's database- according to your cargo details the system find the best option.
Up-to-date information about aircraft
The system checks aircraft' routes, base airports and plenty of other factors so can suggest the nearest planes and appropriate empty legs- lower distance to the charter start point- lower aircraft operators' costs - lower the charter price.
Customized aircraft type selection
According to a particular customer's needs, CharterBooking will find the appropriate type of plane - you don't have to pay for the plane which will not be fully used
CharterBooking - an independent platform
The solution doesn't promote any aircraft operator during the quote preparing and providing process. Pure maths) An operator has the best option- its offer will be provided to you in the first place
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